Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

PPC Management

For quick ROI strategies, PPC is definitely the solution for you.
  • PPC is the paid ads on the Google SERP, the only problem is with them being "pay per click" it can be an expensive strategy if your website design isn't up to scratch.
  • You will receive a monthly pay per click report with how many impressions you received, how many clicks onto your site you are receiving, how much it is costing you per lead and many more stats.
Video Advertising
You are 27 times less likely to generate traffic through standard banner ads rather than video ads. This involves the user clicking onto the video to take them to your website.
PPC Remarketing
Target the users who have previously landed on your site or that have been searching your chosen keyword. Don't let them get away. With Google remarketing it drops a cookie on the user's machine and your ad pops up on many sites which are using Google Adsense.
Social Advertising
Pay per click on social media is very good also. Facebook remarketing that can also be connected with your PPC account can have an increase on your ROI.
Display Advertising
Display advertising is very good for having a spot on someone else's website. This can be with video, text, diagrams or audio. This can help increase your conversion rate.
more likely to convert with PPC rather then organic visitors
of searchers go to the top four results
of people can't identify pay per click ads on Google
PPC ROI with Facebook re-marketing.

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