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SEO Salford is the keyword that you have typed in on the Google search engine to find this page. The SEO Salford page has been built to rank for the keyword “seo salford" to help with the marketing for Salford businesses. Cory Digital notice that many businesses within the Salford area are not fully search optimised, concluding¬†with the businesses losing many sales and not maximising its potential. This is why we are ranking for the keyword SEO Salford, we want to change the way businesses operate in Salford, we are trying to help others make the majority of there income digitally.

Now you might be thinking, “hold on my site isn’t e-commerce", or, “You can’t buy from my site", well it is not just this sort of purchasing. We track the number of enquiries that you will receive through the contact form, we track how many times people ring your number on the website. All of these are conversions and are why it is crucial to ensure your search marketing is at the top of its game.

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